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Welcome to Jeux-Hack. You will find thousands of hacked flash games and arcade prehacks for your own enjoyment on our website. Our goal is to offer you a new entertainment experience by giving you the opportunity to play two versions of the same game (the original and the hacked version).
To enjoy the hacked version from our home page, please click on the red link just underneath the original version. Hacked version will be display under each game category. If you have a hacked flash game that we don't offer on our website, you are welcomed to submit it to us through this link (submit hack). We will be happy to add it on our website. Enjoy your time on !


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Name: Tractor Parking

Description: You are in charge of a truck driver that has to steer the truck into the marked spot before the time runs out. The increasingly difficult missions will test your driving skills, as there are obstacles, parked cars on the narrow road. Every wrong moves results in damaging your truck.

Played: 959 times

Name: The Peacekeeper

Description: Keep your last border withstand the onslaught from the fierce invaders. Go it alone and shoot down many waves of enemies, throw grenades at enemies in mass numbers. Earn money to upgrade ammos and purchase new weapons. The future of your land is in your hands. Be strong and brave to protect your country from the menacing!

Played: 1 312 times

Name: Outer Invasion

Description: In outer invasion game, you will show your onslaught on Earth. Help the evil alien to attack human beings using a warship. Control it and drop mines to exterminate them. It seems easy but your opponents can run and defense themselves. There are some fuel barrels that might blast massive numbers.

Played: 1 130 times

Name: Disappearing Path

Description: Draw the path that leads the ball roll to the red flag. Keep in mind that the paths you build disappear by the time the ball rolling. Utilize your dexterity to control your computer mouse. There’s no room for a mistake.

Played: 1 863 times

Name: Brave Heart

Description: You play the role of the sentenced Knight of death for insulting the princess. But he has a chance to save his life, if he survives the attack of enemies and get the lost Holy Grail for the king which is held by an evil dragon. Utilize his abilities on flail and cross bow to get rid of his foes.

Played: 1 002 times

Name: Circus

Description: Help the equilibrist sucessfully jump onto the pool with crocodile in the circus. If he falls outside the pool, he dies. You cant move him directly, but interact with objects available on the stage to navigate him. This requires your logic skills to plan the move in the head. There are lots of traps and obstacles you must manage to overcome.

Played: 886 times

Name: Hot Rod Vengeance

Description: Survive the long journey to win the levels of racing game. Reach the end first and fast against opponents. In addition, Climbing hardly rocky, super bumpy terrains that interfere your steering so much. Try to leave your rivals behind!

Played: 1 024 times

Name: Green City Parking

Description: Practice your parking skills until you park your car in the marked spot safely. Obeying the traffic rule, keeping your car in good shape is very important to continue your task. If you manage to reach the parking within 150 seconds, you will score bonus points.

Played: 937 times

Name: Toy Wars

Description: All level unlocked. The aim of the game is to control a toy tank to shoot down any plane on the coming waves attack. Because of the scrolling game screen as you start playing, you cant turn back to eliminate enemies. Therefore watch out the bullets of enemies to defense yourself. Grab weapons and bullets on the way that allow you to shoot two or even three bullets at the same time.

Played: 933 times

Name: Pro Parking Collector 2

Description: Practice your parking skills in difficult areas filled with obstacles and moving cars. You have to steer the wheel in the direction you want to go, collecting all oil of the level then park in the marked place. Driving carefully is the key to finish the mission. Any collision will harm your car whose the health bar is displayed in the upper right corner of the game screen.

Played: 791 times

Name: Town Traffic Parking

Description: Follow the yellow arrow in front of your car to find the parking lot. But keep your car in good shape to achieve the goal of this parking game. If you bump into other moving and parked cars, corners, the trees, you will greatly damage your car. Ready to steer your wheel to dodge so many traffic.

Played: 913 times

Name: Extreme Motocross Star

Description: Extreme Motocross Star is a motocross racing game where you have to beat other rider in order to pass the level. Think you can handle to ride on the motocross filled with gravel, rocks at the fastest speed as possible. Keeping your bike balanced is the key to complete the racing track, if you tip over, your motorbike will blow up.

Played: 993 times

Name: Desert Bike Challenge

Description: Drive your bike thru hilly tracks against the clock. The aim is to get to the finish at the shortest time as possible and collect all letters to earn your high score. Do not hesitate to show everybody you are a skilled driver. Because of the high hills, you should keep it balanced and not to tip over when going up and down.

Played: 928 times

Name: Count And Strike

Description: You are on mission with an independent defender that attempts to neutralize the chaos and devastation in his country. Turn your gun very fast to move your aim from one target to the other. Regularly reload to continue the battle and avoid being overwhelmed by attacks. Upgrade your shield, health and reload or buy new guns to have a chance to complete all levels.

Played: 1 010 times

Name: Cannon Basketball 2

Description: This physics based puzzle game will test your observational skills and creative engineering abilities. You must use your cannon gun to shoot balls into basket. Set the right angles and power to fire the balls from. Use available items to create or change the pathways of the flying balls to the basket. The difficulty increases as the levels progress. Collect yellow stars to get bonus score.

Played: 793 times

Name: Doraemon Car Driving Challenge

Description: All level unlocked. Health unlimited. Doraemon needs your help to make his driving adventure alone on the truck in an unknown forest. Utilize your driver knowledge to get the truck to the finish line of each level. Keep him safe when you have to climb hills, picking up stars on your way.

Played: 815 times

Name: Brain Buffet

Description: From the action game Brain Buffet your goals being a radical zombie, is always to take around the globe killing, eating and destroying all sorts of humankind which are on the menu. Decide on a zombie and venture out! Make money to upgrade your precious zombie! ARROW KEYS to move, SPACE to eat, Z to throw acid vomit, X to jump.

Played: 46 483 times

Name: Zombie Alien Parasites

Description: In Zombie Alien Parasites, your mission in this high-quality side-scrolling shooter is to fight intense bosses in each of the 6 main levels, and unlock 6 additional hidden levels on your way. The game comes with a deep customization system of several ships, weapons, and gadgets. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Press "C" KEY to shoot, "X" KEY to drop bombs

Played: 46 106 times

Name: Whooly 2

Description: The fate of a lost spaceship depends on the bravery of Whooly and you. Join in his adventure full of colors.

Played: 45 758 times

Name: Future Wars: Rise of Raze

Description: This game is set 200 years after the epic downfall of Raze. Now the son of the late commander must fight against the son of Razes evil leader Tux.

Played: 40 977 times

Name: This is my Planet

Description: Aliens are launching a huge attack on your household planet! Because the last line of defense do you have got what it requires to defend your planet?

Played: 39 605 times

Name: Cursor Killer

Description: Your mission within this game is and also hardwearing . cursor safe as lengthy as possible. Click the center eyeball to create deposits. Gather the deposits for points, the greater points you've, the faster the Cursor Killer moves. But beware, the greater health you loose the more powerful the Cursor Killer becomes. Strange things will begin to happen... When you lose all of your health it's game over. Make use of your mouse to experience.

Played: 38 113 times


Description: SBACE is a retro VHS inspired space defense game, where instead of controlling guns or ships you control an asteroid field with your mouse. Click or hold your mouse to create a gravity well and bend the forces of space.

Played: 37 710 times

Name: Herm The Germ

Description: You are a virus, and your mission is to collect the red blood cells to replicate. Clones of yourself can jump in mid-air whilst spawning! Treat this like a double jump! In the event you get stuck restart with the R button.

Played: 36 795 times

Name: Little Prince

Description: Little prince and the crazy monster. Use Arrow keys to move. Space bar to jump. Z to pick up Items. X to attack.

Played: 36 643 times

Name: Defend the North Pole

Description: Naughty kids are attacking the north pole! As Santa, it's your job to defend the North Pole. Use your candy cane to smash the kids back - defeating a kid will give you candy cane ( the harder to beat, the more candy cane you will get ). use candy canes to heal north pole, fortify it or increase Santa's strength. Good luck!

Played: 36 361 times

Name: Shadow Of Mummies

Description: Shadow of mummies is an action pack game, side scroll shooting game with excellent pixel art graphics and in game voice acting. Rescue your girl friend, She is trapped in the tomb of ferro

Played: 35 489 times

Name: Sucka Swing

Description: Sucka Swing is a game of skill requiring you to swing as far as possible without hitting the ground. Click and hold your mouse over a building to attach your sucka to it. Release your mouse at the top of your swing to propel forwards. Attaching your sucka to special panels earns you money which can be spent on upgrades between games. Challenge your skill and earn up to 20 achievements of varying difficulty! Click and hold mouse button over buildings to attach sucka, release at the top of your swing to propel forwards.

Played: 34 991 times