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Snail Bob 2 (Hacked Version)
Name: Snail Bob 2 (Hacked Version)


Description: The Hack: All levels unlocked Snail Bob is back for another point and click adventure to get a present to his grandpa! Help him through his epic journey.

Play the unhacked version of the game : Snail Bob 2

Played: 2,360 times

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Name: Maze of Darkness (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: Move faster so you can go through walls and got rid of some red enemies. Move the blue ball through the Maze Of Darkness, Avoid the red enemies, How fast can you complete all 15 levels???

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Name: X Missile 2 (Hacked Version)

Description: What is the hack ? all levels unlocked. Take control of the missile and guide it with your mouse to passed obstacles and destroy all wooden boxes.

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Name: Xonix 3d Level Pack (Hacked Version)

Description: The hack: All level unlocked. Timer unlimited. Lives unlimited. The classic game in a new 3d version with many more levels.

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Name: Park My Caravan (Hacked Version)

Description: What is the hack ? all levels unlocked and lot of money. Is it easy to park a caravan? Give it a try and look how fast you can do it. Your mission is first to fix the caravan to your car, then park it on the white marked space.

Played: 2065 times

Name: Dock It (Hacked Version)

Description: What is the hack ? Infinite health, timer stopped. Parking is easy - the wind doesn't blow your automobile into curbs, huh? Try to ease this big yacht in to the world's most exotic docks, and earn your sailor stripes! Arrows = Move/Steer Space = Brake

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Name: Shoot The Aliens (Hacked Version)

Description: What is the hack in this hacked games ? 100 shots for every level. Aliens have invaded the wild west! They have slipped into town and stolen something from the local gun fighter, which sets off a quest for revenge. This game is a skill based puzzler where you must take out every alien on the screen with carefully placed shots. Use your mouse to play.

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Name: Greens survive when Reds die (Hacked Version)

Description: What is the hack ? all levels unlocked. You have to protect the green bots from danger on their way to the exit. To open the door it is absolutely necessary to kill all red ones. Control both colors at the same time and try to collect all diamonds. Enjoy Greens Survive only when Reds Die. Controls: Arrows / WASD = Move / Jump

Played: 2414 times

Name: Feed Me Moar (Hacked Version)

Description: All level unlocked. Your mission is to help the crazy scientist that made hamsters transform into monsters in the laboratory, shoot chemical liquid to feed them. Bear in mind that you have limited quantity of liquid, so be smart to complete your task. Take a look around the game screen to find the way to reach their mouths by interacting with given objects of each level such as TNT, burner, flip close-in items, rotatable blocks and many more aids.

Played: 1531 times

Name: Crazy Action Joe (Hacked Version)

Description: The hack : infinite cash. In Crazy Action Joe try to see how far distance you can shoot Joe .Your aim is to get Joe deep behind enemy lines . Collect power up and upgrades along the way, avoid kamikaze jets, U.F.O's, bayonet wielding enemies and sky bombs to get the greatest distance possible. Shoot Joe/use item - Left-click on Joe/item Aim cannon - Use the mouse Control while in air - W,A,S,D keys Control power - Hold down left mouse button, release when power is at highest point

Played: 2347 times

Name: Happy Dead Friends Players Pack (Hacked Version)

Description: Our hack in this new puzzle game: all levels unlocked. Complete the brand new 60 levels from gamers of Happy Dead Buddies original. Listed here are still one easy rule - no free hands. Enjoy!

Played: 1739 times

Name: Save your Girlfriend (Hacked Version)

Description: The hack: Arrow unlimited. You are the best archer in the country and your girlfriend has been hanging by bad guys. Take your bow and come to save her, be as fast as possible to cut the rope before she die.

Played: 1865 times

Name: Mummy Blaster (Hacked Version)

Description: Whaht is the hack ? all levels unlocked. Mummies are everywhere in the tomb of Takanh, but you must go, to find the treasure. Kill all mummies to safe the place, use TNT to destroy them.

Played: 2095 times