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Snail Bob 2 (Hacked Version)
Name: Snail Bob 2 (Hacked Version)


Description: The Hack: All levels unlocked Snail Bob is back for another point and click adventure to get a present to his grandpa! Help him through his epic journey.

Play the unhacked version of the game : Snail Bob 2

Played: 2,297 times

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Name: Freeze Me (Hacked Version)

Description: in this new puzzle game you have different cheats : All Levels Unlocked, and Infinite Lives. Freeze Me is a superb adventure game. Freeze an earlier sort of yourself to create a step for the later self to make the exit.

Played: 2064 times

Name: Breaker (Hacked Version)

Description: All level unlocked. Health unlimited. A fast paced platformer in which you have to dodge the enemies and break all the blocks to complete the level. Old school graphics and sound makes this game entertaining.

Played: 1231 times

Name: Chronotron (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: Press "N" key while playing to win current level and unlock the next level. It's about a robot that goes back in time for some reason. Use your time machine to interact with past versions of yourself in this puzzle/platformer! Each level contains a puzzle that must be solved by interacting with past versions of yourself. The game records your movements. When you use the Time Pod to travel back to the beginning of the level, you see a past version of yourself doing exactly what you did before entering the pod. You can create as many copies of yourself as you need to solve the puzzle, but be careful not to change the past too much. If you interfere with a past self’s ability to return to the Time Pod, you cause a PARADOX!

Played: 2960 times

Name: Dibbles For The Greater Good (Hacked Version)

Description: The hack : All levels unlocked Guide your little heros through this perilous magical land. They will gladly sacrifice themselves to get their king to safety. The Dibbles will carry out any order you give them, even if it means sacrificing their lives (which is usually the case). Get the king to the exit and save as many Dibbles as you can in this Lemming inspired, comical puzzle game. Controls Place command stones with your mouse. The first Dibble to encounter the stone will carry out your orders.

Played: 1683 times

Name: Hambo 2 (Hacked Version)

Description: What is the hack ? all levels are unlocked. Pig Capone is the Boss. Hambo and Bacon are cops and need to stop him. Use different weapons and eliminate the gangster pigs in each level. Use your mouse to play.

Played: 3226 times

Name: Save the Dummy (Hacked Version)

Description: The hack ? all levels unlocked. Rescue this little ragdoll dummy from the thirty physics based puzzle. Your dummy is tied, trapped and hung. Get him down or shift him about help you save him by eradicating Crimson blocks. Use any means to mercilessly receive the dummy outside of there.

Played: 1895 times

Name: Evangelion Pac Man (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: 99999999 Lives. Go around the corners as Shinji, eating dots and angels.

Played: 2068 times

Name: Balloons Vs Zombies. (Hacked Version)

Description: The hack: All level unlocked. Use balloons to kill the ugly zombies! Throw knives at them and damage their bodies! Do not let a zombie fly away!

Played: 1716 times

Name: Shoot The Aliens (Hacked Version)

Description: What is the hack in this hacked games ? 100 shots for every level. Aliens have invaded the wild west! They have slipped into town and stolen something from the local gun fighter, which sets off a quest for revenge. This game is a skill based puzzler where you must take out every alien on the screen with carefully placed shots. Use your mouse to play.

Played: 2693 times

Name: Ricochet Kills 2 (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: Press Down Arrow for 1000 shots "Must press it on each new level" -- Click "Reset Levels" on the bottom right corner to unlock all levels! Kill all the enemies by making a perfect angle shot. Prepare to test your patience to get just the right angles for the perfect shots. Hours of non stop fun with 50 levels in this retro puzzle shooter.

Played: 4820 times

Name: Alien Bottle Buccaneer (Hacked Version)

Description: What is the hack ? press 1 to add ammo. Help Nanny rescue Planet Earth from the glass bottles by recycling them. After much research our hero "Nanny" is convinced that "Recycling" glass bottles means shooting them all with big rubber balls Well, Help our Nanny to "Recycle" all the glass bottles! Aim with your mouse and click to shoot all the bottles.

Played: 2838 times

Name: Super Mario Save Santa (Hacked Version)

Description: The hack: Lifes 99999. Mario is not going to save his princess anymore, but this time Santa Clause was abducted by turtles. When Christmas is approaching, Mario hasn’t got a lot of time left to rescue him. Help him complete his mission to bring the happiness to all kids. If the Santa Clause couldn't escape, all kids around the world wouldn’t have their gifts.

Played: 1743 times