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Cyber Ryder (Hacked Version)
Name: Cyber Ryder (Hacked Version)


Description: The hack: You need to complete level 1 to unlock the best motorbike. Cyber Ryder is a futuristic motorcycle game where you must pass many obstacles to get to the end. In this flash game, use the arrow keys to play. A good gameplay and a nice music.

Play the unhacked version of the game : Cyber Ryder

Played: 1,994 times

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Guest(4 December 2011 01:32)


Guest(20 October 2011 13:29)

this game is amazing :D

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Name: Run Raptor Rider (Hacked Version)

Description: Money and live unlimited. Run Raptor Rider is a side scrolling adventure game with dinosaurs, you control Raptor to escape a giant T-Rex chasing to bite you. You have to evade hitting rocks, trees and others obstacles along the way while running at high speed, if you fall, you fail. The further you run, the more money you get.

Played: 1098 times

Name: Park A Lot 1 (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: 6000 timer. You are in charge of a parking lot. Customers will come and they will receive a unique number.

Played: 3560 times

Name: 3D Buggy Racing (Hacked Version)

Description: The hack: all levels unlocked. 3D Buggy Racing is a 3D flash game which allows for great graphics and fun gameplay. Compete against 7 AI opponents across five unique tracks, unlocking the following track by beating the other racers to place first. Use the arrow keys to control your Buggy.

Played: 4213 times

Name: Top Truck 2 (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: Truck health hacked,timer removed for all modes,bonuses appear more often and give you more points,zombies don't cause any damage. Choose the monster truck that you want to overcome obstacles in each race; keep your balance and crush everything in your way.

Played: 1660 times

Name: Firetruck Masters (Hacked Version)

Description: What is the hack ? unlimited time. Race your fire truck quickly as possible to save the burning house. Use arrow keys to play.

Played: 1963 times

Name: Fireball 5 (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: 99999999 Lives, no damage to you car and you can't die if you run out of time. The feel of the open road. Its a wonderful thing, except when you've entered the Demon's Territory. And they don't take kindly to intruders. Maneuver your hotrod through the onslaught of Demon drivers to move to the next level. Grab shield, repair and time icons to help your chances.

Played: 2778 times

Name: Winter Parking Havoc (Hacked Version)

Description: All level unlocked. Health unlimited. Now it’s in winter, and you have mission to drive your vehicle on snow and ice to the required parking space before the time runs out. Be careful not to crash your car, because you may replay when it gets completely damaged. In the lower right corner, you can find your damage bars which show the status of your car. Test your driving skill through eight levels.

Played: 1166 times

Name: Graveyard Parking (Hacked Version)

Description: what we change: unlimited hits. Graveyard Parking is a new parking game where you have to park your car in a scary graveyard, but you need to find the right place and do not hit anything on your way.

Played: 1259 times

Name: Off Road Jeep Hazard (Hacked Version)

Description: All level unlocked. Fuel unlimited. In this incredible driving adventure, your goal is to drive a jeep to the finish line as fast as you can to get score. Collect yellow stars on the path to increase the score. You must know when to use turbo power to get over the high uphill and when to slow down to balance your car without tipping over to successfully pass the level. Keep your wit on the timer, because you do not have much time. Use your arrow keys to drive and your X key for turbo.

Played: 975 times

Name: 3D Racer 2 (Hacked Version)

Description: The hack : Unlimited Nuke. 3D Racer 2, grab the wheel and get ready to speed through heavy traffic . Use arrow key to move, X to shoot, Space to Rage mode, N to nuke , P for pause. Avoiding cars and shoot to clear the road.

Played: 2804 times

Name: 2Long 2Park (Hacked Version)

Description: The hack : uncrash. Test your driving skills by driving a big truck and see how it feels. Not easy to park a car, so can you park a truck easily?

Played: 1886 times

Name: Rivals In Fire Race (Hacked Version)

Description: Life unlimited and start with 9999999. Your goal is to destroy all target cars on the highway and make sure that your car is not damaged during the race with numerous cars. Make sure that the health bar of your car is not depleted, otherwise you fail the level. There are so many cars on the way, find out only cars with arrow on it to crash. Grab the health on the path for repair.

Played: 1202 times