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Name: Foyle


Description: Kill monsters explore bases and find survivors, do not let monsters kill you or get through wall. Find a bunch of new weapons and bring all survivors to the evacuation point. Use WASD KEYS to move. Click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Press the SPACEBAR to change weapon. Press \"R\" KEY to reload. Use \"G\" KEY to throw a grenade.

Play the hacked version of the game : Foyle

Played: 528 times

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Name: Resistance

Description: A young revolutionary is trying to control the street in the lost city, you are sent to struggle to resist and to defense your barricade from breaking through by authorities. If you lose your barricade, the game is over. Hide the bullet of police behind the wall if needed. Upgrade your barricade and purchase weapons so you will be able to achieve the goal.

Played: 231 times

Name: Flash Halo CTF

Description: Go grab the enemy flag in this horizontally scrolling funny Halo Flash game.

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Name: Zombie Dozen

Description: holding and defend the zombie together with your gun, kill many zombies with lots of different weapons, get money by killing and shopping the brand new guns.

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Name: Outer Invasion

Description: In outer invasion game, you will show your onslaught on Earth. Help the evil alien to attack human beings using a warship. Control it and drop mines to exterminate them. It seems easy but your opponents can run and defense themselves. There are some fuel barrels that might blast massive numbers.

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Name: Stinger mission

Description: A massive shooting game - with a ton of weapons and attacks. Zombies have taken over and it your mission to destroy them! The recent incidents were caused by a terrorist organization, C.T. They occupied the underground research institute of government and planned to use the biological and chemical weapons to rule the Earth.

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Name: Total devastation

Description: Your spaceship crashed, you are the lone survivor. The planet is inhabited by some gruesome and bloodthirsty alien creatures, and they haven't taken a shine to you! Survive as long as you can as you splatter their sorry alien corpses all over the planet! Look out for the bonuses to help you, and learn new ability's to increase your chances of making it!

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Name: ZomBieMan 2

Description: Zombieman is a unique survival game, where you play both human and zombie. Run around the dark city streets and try not to die!

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Name: Stop GMO 2

Description: Help this rabbit alone to stop waves of mutant GMO vegetables attacking animal’s lives. Shoot as fast as you can before they eliminate you. Grab weapons, health to replenish blood from the rabbit. With earned cash, you can buy stronger guns to encounter harder enemies in the next levels. Aim well to shoot down all of them!

Played: 261 times

Name: Combat Instinct 2

Description: Your ship was crash in the alien planet. Try to shoot all the aliens to survive.

Played: 920 times

Name: Doodle defender 2

Description: Draw your ship and cannon and then fly around the paper as you shoot other enemies.

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Name: Combat Heaven

Description: Lost deep inside a desert, try to survive the attack of enemy jets and tanks for as long as you can.

Played: 713 times

Name: Oblivion

Description: Strange noises slowly wake you up.. you starting to wonder what happened.. while slowly touching around you find a gun and a flashlight.. what happened here? where are you..

Played: 895 times