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Papas Freezeria (Hacked Version)
Name: Papas Freezeria (Hacked Version)


Description: What is the hack in this hacked games ? infinity waitScore, mixScore and toppingScore. Papa's Freezeria is an ocean front ice cream shop that will surely be a relaxing way to spend the summer. You've just landed an amazing summer job on the tropical island of Calypso. This latest game features dozens of syrups, candies, and toppings that unlock as you play, and a variety of new and returning customers looking to beat the heat with your ice cream sundaes. Use your mouse to play.

Play the unhacked version of the game : Papas Freezeria

Played: 20,405 times

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What is wrong with this file?



Guest(20 May 2013 03:19)

Could have been better.


Guest(16 May 2013 23:19)


Guest(6 May 2013 18:56)

este juego es una mierda


Guest(4 May 2013 04:11)

I think Papa's Hotdoggeria is better than Freezeria!!!


Guest(3 May 2013 02:15)


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