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Accueil > Racing > Police Highway Patrol (Hacked Version)
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Police Highway Patrol (Hacked Version)
Name: Police Highway Patrol (Hacked Version)


Description: All level unlocked. Life unlimited with 9999999. Here is your chance to control a police car to chase and destroy criminals in this highway racing. On the way watch the other cars while driving fast. Grab items to repair your vehicle at the right time, otherwise your car is so damaged and cannot fulfill the mission. Arrow keys to play. Spacebar to brake.

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Played: 1,373 times

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Name: Rich Cars 3 Hustle (Hacked Version)

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Name: Potty Racers 4 (Hacked Version)

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Played: 2186 times

Name: Dirt Showdown Slam And Sprint (Hacked Version)

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