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Accueil > Racing > Police Highway Patrol (Hacked Version)
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Police Highway Patrol (Hacked Version)
Name: Police Highway Patrol (Hacked Version)


Description: All level unlocked. Life unlimited with 9999999. Here is your chance to control a police car to chase and destroy criminals in this highway racing. On the way watch the other cars while driving fast. Grab items to repair your vehicle at the right time, otherwise your car is so damaged and cannot fulfill the mission. Arrow keys to play. Spacebar to brake.

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Played: 1,424 times

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Name: Cone Crazy 2 (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: 99 Lives and 99 Seconds instead of 60 seconds. Knock down as many cones as you can in the given time limit.

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Name: R4CE 2078 (Hacked Version)

Description: What is the hack in this hacked games ? Complete 1 level then refresh browser page and All Levels Unlocked and 99999 money. Race through the red planet Mars, in your super high-speed vehicle, you have to run from mars city with stolen car to your hideout. . Choose your track and futuristic super car and see how fast you can go. Use arrow keys to play.

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Description: What is the hack ? 1000 lives. This will probably be one crazy truck ride indeed. You have to drive your truck and get coins on the way. The greater you collect, the greater points you receive.

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Name: Monster Truck Arena (Hacked Version)

Description: All level unlocked. Fuel unlimited. Drive a monster truck as fast as possible in this cool car game while keeping balanced. On the way, overcome challenges and collect all the gold stars to increase your score. Beware of depleting the limited nitrous system bar on the middle left of the screen while accelerating your truck.

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Name: Crash Them All (Hacked Version)

Description: What is the hack in this hacked games ? All levels are unlocked. You are in traffic jam and your boss call you to fire you, because you are late. Create total carnage as you drive head first into traffic at breakneck speed! Go for maximum destruction! Use your bombs to earn wicked combo's! Arrow Keys = Drive, X + Arrows = Aim + Bomb, R = Reset, P = Pause, M = Mute.

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Name: Mario Trucker (Hacked Version)

Description: All level unlocked. Health unlimited start with 9999. Mario is required to drive a truck over hills to make the high score. Help him to get to the end of the road in the shortest time and collect more mushrooms on the way. Maintaining the balance while passing unsmooth road is your challenge. It gets tougher as you advance forward. There are five lives to play and beat Mario trucker.

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Name: Spongebob MotorBiker (Hacked Version)

Description: The hack; All level unlocked. Health unlimited. Help sponge bob get to the Finish. Collect all the crabburgers

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Name: ATV Pizza Delivery (Hacked Version)

Description: The hack : All Levels Unlocked No Damage to your ATV. You are a delivery boy but today you will not delivery your pizza by motorbike or car, but with your ATV. Drive as fast as possible and delivery pizza to your clients.

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Name: Sponge Bob Sled Ride (Hacked Version)

Description: The hack: Life with 99999. It’s a game intended for the youngest, which has a popular character in, and objective is to safely pass all 10 levels.

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Name: Resort Car Parking (Hacked Version)

Description: The hack: Timer unlimited. You arrive at the resort for holidays. You find out all parking spaces occupied. Try to park your vehicle in the indicated park as fast as possible without hitting other cars around. Sharpen your skill with this challenging game.

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Name: Batmobile Ride (Hacked Version)

Description: The hack : Lives with 999999999. Score with 999999999 Time illimited. Have you ever wanted to drive the batmobile? If yes, this is your chance. Take the batmobile on a ride through the 8 levels of this game, destroy crates and cars, lift the dust in the air and cause as many explosions as possible.

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Name: Cyberchase (Hacked Version)

Description: The hack: Health unlimited. Average speed increment. Use your car to destroy the target on the road by crashing into them. You have the possibility to repair your car when you get hit, bonus will appear on your way, pick up it. Use arrow keys to drive and space bar to brake.

Played: 1632 times