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Car Eats Car 2 (Hacked Version)
Name: Car Eats Car 2 (Hacked Version)


Description: Money and upgrade unlimited in shop.The objective of this game is to win each track by overcoming challenging bumpy hills, ramps in the desert in an ultimate race against the chasing evil cars. Race and control your car carefully at the highest speed possible while jumping over obstacles, bombs, and tow trucks to escape. You will get bonus points collecting yellow stars or doing stunts. Arrow keys to control. Spacebar to jump. X key for turbo.

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Played: 1,763 times

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Name: Double Parking (Hacked Version)

Description: The hack: All level unlocked. Health unlimited. An original parking game, you will have to park two cars in the same time in the right place. It's not an easy work because the cars cannot hit any objects on the way.

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Name: Highway Predator (Hacked Version)

Description: The hack: Life unlimited. speed Increase and others decrease. Winter it's here, so try our new car racing game. Race through the snow and beat all your opponents.

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Name: Retro Car Rush (Hacked Version)

Description: All level unlocked. Health unlimited. Drive a retro car in a busy city and reach the end of every stage within one minute six seconds. Be careful not to hit other cars in your way because each hit will slow you down and decreases the health bar. Once the health bar is empty, you lose the level. Grab the shield, repair, and speed to aid you in the race. Enjoy this fast paced racing game and keep progressing to the next level!

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Name: Ninja Turtle Truck Adventure (Hacked Version)

Description: All level unlocked. Take the Ninja Turtle Truck out to the hilly track and exercise your driving skills. You need to handle properly when passing high hill at high speed against the timer or else you will lose control your truck. Collecting all pizzas will makes maximum score.

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Name: Junk Yard Race (Hacked Version)

Description: All level unlocked. Lives unlimited. Are you fast enough to drive with a sport car in street racing? Jump into the car and race against the rivals to the finish line at first to unlock the next level. There are five challenging levels to sharpen your driving ability. Make sure that you stay on track while turning. Arrow keys to race.

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Name: Stickman Dirtbike (Hacked Version)

Description: The hack: Cash unlimited, buy unlimited in shop. It's a dirty job from beginning to end. is it possible to stay with it? Stickman comes off the road signs and to the off-bicycle in this thrilling racing game. Ride with the courses, pulling jumps and stunts to make money. Increase your adrenaline and get away some crazy moves. Beat the timer to advance through each level, marking your progress into the spotlight

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Name: Santa Parking (Hacked Version)

Description: The hack: All level unlocked. Health unlimited. This case is not an ordinary car or vehicle parking game. You will park a Santa’s sleigh in designated parking spot which is on the yard instead of rooftops. Though it’s in winter but you always can find a parking place. The Christmas ends at midnight, you need to be hurry to unlock all levels to deliver presents to all kids. If his sleigh gets damaged, you will ruin the presents. They are waiting to receive their gifts.

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Name: Drifting Championships (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: Get more points easily. Race around the track and score the best drifts possible. Are you king of drifting? Prove it.

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Name: Donkey Kong Car (Hacked Version)

Description: All level unlocked. Life start with 9999. Drive within the hills with Donkey Kong automobile. Be very careful and you'll win every stage your extreme ability to drive will help you. Collect every one of the points to raise your score.

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Name: Trailer Racing 2 (Hacked Version)

Description: The hack: All truck unlocked. All level unlocked. You can challenge your friends in a head to head truckracing game to see which one of us is the best truck driver. You can also test your skills against computer players. You nee to have patience and to wait for theperfect moment to overcome your opponents. Good luck!

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Name: Future Racing Pro (Hacked Version)

Description: The hack ? Unlimited cash. In Futuristic Racing Pro you 1st select the car or truck you like probably the most, than start the tuning, you'll find so many solutions, only with this aspect of your game you will have so a great deal entertaining! Just after you might have chosen the color from the car or truck, the vinyls and the vinyls color, you could upgrade with some beginning income the car`s speed, acceleration and handling in this absolutely free on the internet game.

Played: 1223 times

Name: Carbon auto Theft (Hacked Version)

Description: The hack: unlimited time to break the alarm code. Steal those hot wheels again! Hotwire the car and drive the car out without being busted by the cops. Use arrow keys to play.

Played: 2212 times