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Smash Palace
Name: Smash Palace


Description: In this breathtaking car racing game, drive your car and crash your rivals until they explode using turbo and given helpful items on the game screen while keeping your car in good shape in order to clear each level. Don’t let other racers hit you because it will damage your car.

Play the hacked version of the game : Smash Palace

Played: 529 times

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Name: Iron Man Armored Justice

Description: In Iron Man Armored Justice you need to fight evil drones and defeat Mandarin to serve justice . use arrow keys to move, spacebar Repulsor Ray, Z Missiles, X Uni Beam.

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Name: They Took Her

Description: The war obliges all the population of your town to go to the bomb shelter. Unhappily when your town was bombard, your daughter was not with you, and you need to go out to find her. The bomb radiation, transform the population in zombie.

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Name: Super Julio 4

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Name: Aqua Slug

Description: Help Polo get back his favorite football by squirting the enemies with a variety of squirt guns! Use the arrow keys to move your character, press S to jump, A to aim and D to fire, press spacebar to throw water balloon, watch out your water supply bar and power bar on the top left corner of the screen.

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Name: Ghost Wrath

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Name: Caveman

Description: Save your girlfriend from the evil prehistoric monsters!

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Name: Maganic Wars Suvival

Description: Select a card by clicking on it and hit the center button to play it.

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