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Unreal Flash 2007 (Hacked Version)
Name: Unreal Flash 2007 (Hacked Version)


Description: The Hack: 99999999 ammo for all weapons. Unreal Tournament soldiers, now here comes your 2D solution. Master all mission in this nice remake.

Play the unhacked version of the game : Unreal Flash 2007

Played: 4,571 times

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this is boring


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Name: Frantic 2 (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: 999999999 Money, 999999999 lives, you cant die. Your mission in this intense shooter is to blow up some more colourful spaceships, this time with style. This is sequel to Frantic and it features many more levels, ships and 30 unique bosses as well as loads of upgradables, unlockables and achievements.

Played: 2179 times

Name: N Way of the Ninja (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: Invincibility. Infinite Time. Press "\" For Create Mode In Menu. Custom Level 00. Your goal is to escape each level before your time runs out. You have only one-and-a-half minutes, but luckily you can collect gold to increase your life-span.

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Name: Fantastic Treasures (Hacked Version)

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Name: 3000 AD (Hacked Version)

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Name: Squareman (Hacked Version)

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Name: Crazy Monkey Payback (Hacked Version)

Description: The hack: Timer unlimited. Crazy Monkey Payback is a monkey skill game where you help a little monkey to hit as many people with a banana peel as possible. There's a minimum of hits per level that you must archive within limited time of 60 seconds.

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Name: Contra 20th Anniversary (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: Lives Hack. Like the other Contra flash gamem but with an extra alien level.

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Name: Modular (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: All ships unlocked and the arcadeprehacks ship has increased health, increased fire power and increased speed. Fly your spaceship through multiple levels of enemies as your upgrade and change your ship around.

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Name: Eirik (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: Money, attributes, castle health and runes. The latest and greatest of the Demonic Defense series, with better graphics, more options, and tons of fun! Defend your castle from everything!

Played: 2483 times

Name: Astro Dog (Hacked Version)

Description: What is the hack in this hacked game ? infinite lives. In this game, you are a space Dog and you need to collect space rocket parts, fuels and provision to pass to the next level. Use arrow key to move and space bar to shoot.

Played: 2729 times

Name: MoMiner (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: Infinite gold,doubled fuel and drill speed. Dig for the riches! Invest in the right stuff to reach the treasure as fast as possible!

Played: 2375 times

Name: Devils and Cupid (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: Infinite Lives. The Devils have caught the Cupid and taken it in their pit. You have to clear 10 levels to escape.

Played: 3006 times