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Dino Run (Hacked Version)
Name: Dino Run (Hacked Version)


Description: The Hack: DNA hacked, Bones hacked, Time Shifts hacked (press space when you get to 0) and all items in the shop are free. Run as fast as you can as you grab eggs, eat smaller dinos and escape extinction. Sweet game!

Play the unhacked version of the game : Dino Run

Played: 5,262 times

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What is wrong with this file?



Guest(7 February 2013 19:38)

lov it ;p


Guest(14 November 2012 19:49)

Good game


Guest(8 October 2012 13:07)

wuv it! AWSOME 1st SETNCE !

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Name: Tails Nightmare (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: Lives, Coins, and Infinite Flight ! Play Tails Nightmare Game, with sonic the hedgehog no where to be seen its up to you to help poor Tails escape from this nightmare dimension.

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Name: Pacman War (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: More Health added. A Pacman game like no other else ! In Pacman War, you are going to find some Counter Strike actions with pistol, rifle, rocket launcher and even grenades… Use the arrow keys to move your pacman, and press spacebar to shoot, press Ctrl key to throw grenade when you have in your inventory, you can also hold spacebar to make burst shot with your SMG gun, fire in the hole!

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Name: Hedgehog Launcher (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: Money Hack. Launch your hedgehog into space in as few days as possible. Earn money by bouncing off platforms and hitting coins to buy upgrades. The higher and longer you go the more cash bonus you'll get! Use the arrow keys to fire your rockets to move left and right, and upgrade so you can get booster rockets to shoot even higher. I can get to space in 9 days, see if you can beat me.

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Name: Stone Punk (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: Everything is free, And Huge Food Upgrade. A scientist was working on a new transportation vehicle in the stoneage. Help him to travel around the world by upgrading the vehicle after every try.

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Name: Defaid Dai (Hacked Version)

Description: The hack on that Hacked flash games is : You are invincible. Retro platformer, manic miner style! Shear all the sheep to make it to the next level. ARROWS to move. SPACE or ARROW to jump.

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Name: Falling Girl (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: The girl is now a stick figure and now the ball things have happy faces on them. Drag the person around and experiment with physics.

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Name: Running Warrior (Hacked Version)

Description: what is the hack ? lot of money. You are a small but strong knight, suddenly your girlfriend is kidnapped by a demon. Your mission is to find her and kill all enemies on your road. collect gold and buy upgrade.

Played: 2798 times

Name: Bloody Penguin Throw (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: This crude, gory hack features lots of blood, a dismembered bouncing penguin head and land mines! Wack the penguin as far as possible.

Played: 4183 times

Name: Forklift Frenzy (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: Timer is 100 seconds instead of 40 for each level. Your objective in this funny park a car style game is to pick up crates and drop them off at the designated location before the time limit ends. I'm sure you have already mastered the car parking and boat docking - now try moving crates in this Forklift truck game. Speed and accuracy is the key! Use the ARROW KEYS to drive forklift and press SPACEBAR to raise/lower forks. Good luck!

Played: 3139 times

Name: Rocket Car 2 (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: Fuel - Health. Drive your rocket car as you try to complete each puzzle that's thrown at you. Watch out for gravity.

Played: 2821 times

Name: Anti Pacman (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: 99999999 Lives. This game is called Anti-Pacman, which means that it's contrary to Pacman game. You control the ghosts and your goal is to catch Pacman before he eats all the dots. Some rules are different from the original game. If Pacman eats a ghost, it doesn't appear again, but dies forever. If you lose all your ghosts, you fail the level. Use the arrow keys to move, 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 to select a ghost, P to pause the game, M to toggle music on/off, S to toggle sound effects on/off.

Played: 5345 times

Name: Wulfgar (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: Unlimited lives and 1 Hit everything Hack, stab, and kill enemies and rescue your adopted child. Beat back swarms of undead.

Played: 2069 times