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Accueil > Arcade > Warlords - Call to Arms (Hacked Version)
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Warlords - Call to Arms (Hacked Version)
Name: Warlords - Call to Arms (Hacked Version)


Description: The Hack: Unlimited Money, Instant Troop Spawn, Demons class unlocked, Charge ready in 1 kill, All classes unlocked. Send out your soldiers on the right paths so that they encounter enemy troops. Take over the map!

Play the unhacked version of the game : Warlords - Call to Arms

Played: 3,441 times

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Name: Gangsta Bros (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: Unlimited Ammo, Unlimited Lives and Unlimited Health. This time Mario has a gun! Shoot down the enemies, create your own levels, and more in this fun remake of Mario.

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Name: SnakeBox (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: food lasts for 50 seconds. A Modern, 3D version of the classic snake Game.

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Name: Docking Perfection 3 (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: Time and lives. You have to dock your cruise ship.

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Name: StarBall (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: 999999 Lives. Your goal is to collect StarBalls. Every time you collect a StarBall, a SpikedBall appears. SpikedBalls travel over a specific path, and if one hits you, you lose a life. Every five StarBalls you get, you gain one life. When you lose all your lives, the game is over.

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Name: The Haunted House (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: More money per zombie. You have been hired to rid a haunted house of as many zombies, skeletons and zampires as you can before you die.

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Name: Shuriken Challenge (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: Lives hack. Use your mouse to move Ninja around, and click to throw Shurikens at the Ranx.

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Name: The Junk Yard (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: Timer hack,more money gained and more score per finished level. Grab vehicles from the pile of a junk and stack enough of them before time runs out. Press spacebar or the left mouse button to lower your crane and drop cars.

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Name: Bratz Fish Tank (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: Money Hack - $9999999. Choose 4 critters, decorate your tank and take care of your fishy friends.

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Name: Battleon-Invaders (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: 1. You start with all upgrades. 2. Your firerate and amount you can fire are increased to max. 3. You start with 9999 lives. 4. You do not need to ever by any "upgrades" clicking ok in the shop will give you everything back. Classic invaders game, but with Battleon characters/enemies.

Played: 3039 times

Name: Vexation (Hacked Version)

Description: The hack on that hacked flash game: All acts unlocked.You play as a mere stick man struggling to get through each stage of increasing difficulty.

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Name: Crash Bandicoot Flash (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: Infinite Lives. Crash Bandicoot is a funny cartoonish jump and run action game with various themed levels.

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Name: Taz Tropical Havoc (Hacked Version)

Description: The Hack: Infinite Lives, Infinite Tornado Time, Infinite Game Time and higher Jump. Your goal is to destroy all stone statues so Taz can leave the island.

Played: 2235 times