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Bubble Trouble (Hacked Version)
Name: Bubble Trouble (Hacked Version)


Description: The Hack: 999 lives. Bubble Trouble is a challenging game of many levels. The first level has one bouncing ball which must be divided in two, and then in two again, all the while you must dodge the balls to avoid losing a life. Bubble Trouble is quite an addictive free flash game so you must remember to get up from your chair every so often and stretch your limbs. It is also important to eat food and drink water to sustain a high level of stamina to compete at the highest level in this fun game of skill and agility (in the fingers at least). Everyone loves free flash games and Bubble Trouble will not do anything to reverse that trend.

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Played: 48,558 times

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What is wrong with this file?



Guest(13 June 2012 06:38)

make unlimited time and u can skip levels cos i cant get passed lvl 20


Guest(11 April 2012 09:36)

um ok i got up to 201 level so hard


Guest(29 January 2012 11:58)

unmited time cuz this ios shiot


Guest(7 January 2012 16:02)

Can't kill bubble they leavel 17 it hard


Guest(28 December 2011 04:02)

you should make it that you cant die from the bubbles please

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