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Flash Halo CTF
Name: Flash Halo CTF


Description: Go grab the enemy flag in this horizontally scrolling funny Halo Flash game.

Play the hacked version of the game : Flash Halo CTF

Played: 1,220 times

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Name: Super soldier

Description: The aim is super soldier is to convert all of the enemies flags and go back.

Played: 1443 times

Name: Teletubbies mercy killing

Description: In this game you have to kill all the Teletubbies, you can use three different weapons the Sniper Rifle, Chainsaw and the Pistol. Be very quick in changing weapons. Enjoy...

Played: 1179 times

Name: Planet basher

Description: Your country needs YOU! Save the world by taking to the skies and bringing back as much stardust as you can carry. You are a pioneer, paving the way so that others may succeed in your wake. Do not disappoint them. Upgrade, collect, then upgrade again. Do whatever it takes. Just do it quickly.

Played: 1030 times

Name: Fatal Hunt - Survivor

Description: Ken came back to the military base and was told that traitor Andes sent his fellowers to attack Ken's base camp. Another war started. Please help Ken to defend the attack of enemies.

Played: 1385 times

Name: Badass builder 2

Description: Badass Builder 2 is a shooting game. In the dawn of the 22nd century, the great experiments of mankind have torn the fabric of the universe apart, now robots and monsters attack our world. The purpose of this game is to eliminate as many monsters in each level and collect as many points. Try to eliminate all the enemies in each level and go well at higher levels. WASD/arrows key = Move Mouse = Aim & Shoot R = Reload 1-5 , Space = Use Items C = Autofire P = Pause

Played: 1085 times

Name: Space voyage - invasion

Description: Defend our planet from invading Aliens! Shooting all with tower defence elements.

Played: 657 times

Name: Zayo the beginning

Description: Help Zayo the tough rabbit kill all the freaks that come at him!

Played: 1237 times

Name: Hired to Kill

Description: Horrible crimes are being committed, and you need to stop it. Insert bullets into various bad dudes to save the day!

Played: 1148 times

Name: Quadrobarrel defense

Description: You have got four strong weapon in this game to defence your self so use them to take out the approaching gunners before you find yourself get destroyed!

Played: 1563 times

Name: Bottle capper

Description: The aim here is to shoot as many caps off the top of the bottles within the 15 second time limit (not to destroy the actual bottles). The best I could manage is 18 caps.

Played: 999 times

Name: devil run

Description: Shoot the zombies as they continue to flow towards you. Watch reload times or become brain food.

Played: 974 times

Name: Sift heads 4

Description: In this 4th game of Sift Heads, you get to Sift some Heads all around the world on Vinnie's vacations! Chicago's streets are all cleaned up because of you. How boring is it for Vinnie with no job! Prepare for an international hunt in this great game!

Played: 987 times