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Terra Guardian 2
Name: Terra Guardian 2


Description: Features 5 epic bosses and 3 unique characters each with their own special talents and abilities.

Play the hacked version of the game : Terra Guardian 2

Played: 1,064 times

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Name: Star wings

Description: Blast through a massive fleet of alien invaders with your heavily-armed spaceship. Collect power-ups that will help you defeat the enemy. Use the mouse to move your ship and the left button to shoot.

Played: 1889 times

Name: Bois DArc

Description: The Land of Sedonia undergoes the rampage of the hordes of evil forces. You help the warrior to defend the castle using special bow because it made from a magical tree. Also you can choose one among Wilfred, Leonard or Tobias three heroes whose abilities are different. One has more damage but low speed, other has high speed but low damage. The castle is vulnerable once its health bar is empty, it’s game over.

Played: 243 times

Name: Achtung Omaha 44

Description: You are in the German army during the second war, and American soldiers are coming on the beach. Keep your position strong in Omaha Beach ad stop them with your different weapons.

Played: 658 times

Name: Back to the Stars

Description: Back to the Stars is a cool adventure and shooting game, your mission is to fight enemies, mine minerals, craft weapons, repair your ship and fly back to the stars.

Played: 297 times

Name: Ether war

Description: Your mission in this fun arcade shooting survival game is to battle your enemies, upgrade your ship and protect your station as you take down the enemy ships. Collect green ether orbs from fallen enemies for upgrades. Use the ARROW KEYS or "WASD" KEYS to move around. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Kill the big red guy to win. Press SPACEBAR to buy upgrades. Good luck!

Played: 929 times

Name: Barnville Massacre

Description: Barnville Massacre is a shooting game. A meteor storm has caused all the animals to go Zombie. You need to protect your farm against crazy animals, use different weapons, upgrade your farm, and recruit friends to fight with you. Use your mouse to play.

Played: 962 times

Name: flash gunner

Description: Enemy troops are trying to invade your base camp, destroy the enemy force.

Played: 929 times

Name: Bunny charm

Description: The main character in the game Bunny Charm is a little rabbit. The game background is human’s desk. The rabbit is playing on the table. But the human’s fingers are moving around the desk. Then she has to avoid the fingers. Use WASD to move, use the mouse to aim, and left click to shoot. Upgrade the rabbit when you earn enough points.

Played: 1646 times

Name: Rover archer

Description: Play as a brave archer that travels the world to train. During your travel, you meet monsters and your skills, are put to the test!

Played: 917 times

Name: Don't Touch My Tower

Description: This is your tower and no one may touch it! Shoot at all running stickman figures to keep them far away from the tower. Buy upgrades for your weapons at the end of each round.

Played: 836 times

Name: The Last Zombie 2

Description: Fight Back against the Zombie Apocalypse! Shoot the incoming zombies. WASD to move, mouse to aim and shoot. 1-4 to switch weapons.

Played: 278 times

Name: Crusade

Description: Physics "Destroy the Castle" game! Clear Europe from the invasion of monsters... Beautiful graphics. Many cannon types, enemies, achievements, elements for build own levels ... and others!

Played: 1381 times