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Terra Guardian 2
Name: Terra Guardian 2


Description: Features 5 epic bosses and 3 unique characters each with their own special talents and abilities.

Play the hacked version of the game : Terra Guardian 2

Played: 1,077 times

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Name: Mage-kingdom defender

Description: Use your cunning skill to shoot, demolish and kill the targets! With upgrades.

Played: 413 times

Name: Attack of the Zombies

Description: Shoot the zombies in this sidescroller. You have a shotgun and machine gun. Don't let them eat you!

Played: 516 times

Name: Cannon defense

Description: Enemies will approach your base from the right side. Destroy them before they destroy you.

Played: 1643 times

Name: Aftermath

Description: In Aftermath, your wife has been kill by the mafia you need your revenge . Use arrow key to play, space bar to shoot , press 1 and 2 to change weapons.

Played: 770 times

Name: Resistance

Description: A young revolutionary is trying to control the street in the lost city, you are sent to struggle to resist and to defense your barricade from breaking through by authorities. If you lose your barricade, the game is over. Hide the bullet of police behind the wall if needed. Upgrade your barricade and purchase weapons so you will be able to achieve the goal.

Played: 215 times

Name: Decay Of Men

Description: This game helps you to practice your shooting skills within the context is to defeat terrorists at their base to free the hostages. Shoot accurately to kill all bad guys on each stage and clear the area before they eliminate you, and then pick up the objects to accomplish the mission. Reload your gun at the best time to have a chance to pass the level. Stop by the shop to exchange the collected items to get upgrade in the reload speed, accuracy or get new weapons.

Played: 195 times

Name: I Kill Zombies

Description: Your town is in attack by hordes of zombies. As the only survivor you have to fight them back with the aids of an upgradable guns. Head shot brings you additional points. Remember to reload the gun very quickly so that you can shoot continuously, one second late the situation may change.

Played: 621 times

Name: S-W-A-T

Description: Enlist in the S.W.A.T. faction and enter the role of squad member "Jack". Use cover for a tactical advantage, fight your way through waves of terrorists, and earn uber-sick weaponry as you progress through the levels.

Played: 862 times

Name: Rambo The Assassin

Description: Rambo in action in this new adventure, can you help him to take all of his opponents? Use M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, M61 Vulcan and Mk 19 Grenade Launcher to kill all his enemies, but be fast or you will be kill.

Played: 377 times

Name: The Killer Robot factory

Description: Shoot hordes of robots with a selection of upgradable weapons causing chain reactions and general carnage.

Played: 968 times

Name: Undead Hunter

Description: An awesome remake of the Bomberman game. Kill zombies with your gun and finish all levels.

Played: 1310 times

Name: Stick strike

Description: Sticks has gone bad with this counterstrike game. Go on different missions, select maps and game types, and the number of friendlies and enemies you decide! Good luck!

Played: 1379 times