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Drag Racer V3 (Hacked Version)
Name: Drag Racer V3 (Hacked Version)


Description: The Hack: 999999999 money for any difficulty has 3 different engines with 1000 hp and tq and 3 with 99999 hp and tq - even if you use the cheat to unlock everything in the beginning instead on $5000000 u get $999999999. Pimp out your car and drag race with other cars, you can modify the insides and exterior of the car.

Play the unhacked version of the game : Drag Racer V3

Played: 9,343 times

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Guest(27 December 2012 19:07)


Guest(15 June 2012 19:07)



Guest(9 June 2012 20:31)

nice game this game is the ***


Guest(4 May 2012 15:14)

this game is the bomb!


Guest(24 April 2012 12:11)

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